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Art & Design

Level GCSE
Exam Board AQA

This course covers a wide range of Art and Design and is appropriate if you enjoy working with a range of Art materials.

Drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, elements of Textiles, Computer graphics, Photography, Clay and Wire Sculpture are some of the areas that you are likely to cover during the course. 

Projects involve different themes and can have a strong design focus. Research in work journals (sketchbooks) and exploring the work of other artists, designers and crafts people form essential background to all of your project work.

The course is unendorsed and student must use at least 2 of the specialisms above.


Unit 1 60% Coursework

Coursework 1 - Year 10

  • The Seaside - Students will develop their outcomes in different media including clay, printing and digital art

Coursework 2 - Year 11

  • Second coursework project – three titles to choose from which will culminate in a ten hour controlled exam  to produce their final piece

Unit 2 40% Exam

  • Exam project culminating in 10 hour exam to produce their final piece

The projects are assessed in four areas which allow candidates to develop a personal response and work with increasing independence.


All projects are marked on four assessment objectives each are worth 25% of the project mark.

  1. Developing ideas
  2. Experimenting and refining
  3. Recording
  4. Final piece

Sketchbook and loose portfolio of work will be developed throughout Year 10 and Year 11, both in class and their own time.  Students will hand in approximately 45 hours of work for the Controlled Assessment which is completed during the course.

Post-16 Choices

Typical career paths include: Illustrator, architect, interior designer, fashion designer, product design, police sketch artist, medical illustrator, printmaker and art consultant.

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