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Art - Photography



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In this exciting option students explore creative ideas which involve using the camera as well as the computer. Students will learn about shutter speed, depth of field, lighting and composition. 

Students will explore creative ways to develop their photography work through digital, darkroom and creative techniques. Students will be expected to learn about visual and graphic design. and explore creative ideas through photography. 

Students will need to approach the subject with a broad mind and be able to think creatively in how they explore photographic skills and techniques. They will present their work in a sketchbook.


Year 9

  • Developing photographic skills and techniques
  • Experimentation and manipulation of media

Coursework - Component 1 (60%) - Technical studies and Distortion Project
Students will investigate a series of techniques and skills in Technical studies and then develop work into a project in the theme of distortion. It is not essential that students have their own digital camera but it will help. As with any of the other art options students will need to demonstrate the process of how to develop and explore their ideas.

Exam - Component 2 (40%)

  • Externally set project culminating in 10 hour exam to produce their final piece

All projects are marked on four assessment objectives each are worth 25% of the project mark. 

  1. Developing ideas
  2. Experimenting and refining
  3. Recording
  4. Final piece


  • Photographic digital and practical skills including darkroom and wet photography techniques will be
    developed throughout Year 10 and Year 11 and creatively presented in a sketchbook
  • Homework – students are expected to take photographs in their own time and undertake artist
  • From September to December of Year 11 students complete a practice timed test
  • Students will hand in approximately 45 hours of work for the coursework which is completed
    during the course
  • In April of Year 11, students complete a 10 hour test in exam conditions in the classroom. Students use the preparation materials they have developed since January 



Post-16 Choices
Typical career paths include: fashion photographer, special effects artist, news/editorial/fashion photographer, film director, and advertising designer.




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