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Level GCSE
Exam Board AQA

Dance is a powerful, unique form of communication and social interaction that can change the way students feel, think and act.

It brings together intellect, feelings and enables personal expression, reflection and emotional development through movement. As an established part of culture, past and present, it helps students understand themselves and relate to others, forging important creative links between themselves and the wider world.

GCSE Dance is an inspiring qualification, which develops students' ability to compose, perform and appreciate dances through observing, discussing and actively exploring a wide variety of dance styles. Self-reflection, interpersonal skills and teamwork are also central to dance in addition to the development of creative, artistic, social, technical and physical skills. Students are taught to choreograph and perform both solo and group pieces which communicate a theme to the audience and they will explore professional works through the new GCSE Dance Anthology.  Dance encompasses a range of key life skills to encourage personal and emotional maturity, making a ‘thinking’ dancer. It further encourages physical involvement and benefits students’ general health and well being.

Students with previous dance training are encouraged to take this option, students will need to complete a taster session to assess their suitability for the course.

The three main strands of the course are choreographing, performing and appreciating professional dance pieces. Students are encouraged to use their body as an instrument of expression to convey creatively their own ideas and express emotions and meanings in their work.


  • Performance piece for duet/trio and can be in any dance style
  • Solo or Group Choreography requires the students to create an original dance piece using a stimulus/starting point from a prescribed list set by the board
  • Set phrases performed through a solo performance dance (approximately one minute in duration)

Non-exam Assessments 60% - Component 1:

  • Performance in a Duet/Trio (in any style) choreographed by the teacher and students
  • Set phrases solo performance
  • Solo or Group Choreography - created by the student based on a selected stimulus, students are encouraged to work creatively and originally to explore their chosen idea to create a dance which connects and communicates to the audience

Examination 40% - Component 2:

  • Written exam: Dance appreciation of Dance (40%)
    This exam is based on their own practice and  experiences in the studio and on the GCSE Dance anthology - a set of professional works which explore a range of dance styles

Post-16 Choices

Students may progress to study A-Level Dance or BTEC Level 3 in Performing Arts (Dance) at KS5. The A-Level course provides students with the opportunity to gain experience of performance and choreography and to develop detailed, critical thinking and appreciation skills of Dance.

These transferrable skills are valued and can be applied to many area of study/courses for further study into Higher Education. The BTEC Level 3 in Performing Arts is a more vocational course enabling performers to gain relevant experience of dance and performing to help them into employment.

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