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Specific Course Entry Requirements

Examination Levels Offered AS and A-Level
Examination Board AQA

Economics provides students with the knowledge and analytical skills to understand, explain and evaluate the economic forces which shape all of our lives.   Economics is the study of choice and decision making in a world with limited resources.  You will develop the skills required to make a case for government intervention and be able to argue whether: 

  • The UK should leave the European Union
  • Green taxes and subsidies will work
  • Higher rates of income tax are fair

Economics A-level is linear.  Assessment of a student’s knowledge and understanding of the whole course takes place at the end of two years. At the end of Year 12 the student will be able to continue the subject on to the full A-Level if a D grade or better is achieved in the Year 13 entrance exams.  Economics develops your ability to structure an effective argument and relies on confident numerical skills.

Year 12

Assessment: Two exams each with 20 multiple choice questions and data response long answers including essays 

  • The Economic Problem – scarcity
  • Competitive Markets and Price Determination
  • Production, Costs, Revenue
  • Monopoly and Oligopoly
  • Market Mechanism, Failure and Government Intervention
  • Macro-economic Performance
  • Aggregate Demand and Supply Analysis
  • Macroeconomic Policy

Year 13

Assessment: Three exams each worth 33.33% of the final mark

  • Perfect and Imperfect Competition
  • Labour Market Economics
  • Income, Wealth and Poverty
  • Individual Economic Decision Making
  • Financial and Monetary Policy
  • Fiscal and Supply-side Policy
  • International Economics


  • Paper 1 – 2 hours - Markets and Market Failure - data response questions plus an essay
  • Paper 2 - 2 hours - National and International Economy - data response and an essay
  • Paper 3 - 2 hours - Economic Principles and Issues - 30 multiple choice plus case study questions 




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