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Grading for Summer 2021

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How will grades be awarded this summer?

Grades for GCSEs, A-levels, and most other qualifications including applied generals will be based on a process involving teacher assessment against national standards, internal quality assurance, and external quality assurance by the exam boards.

The national process defined by the Department for Education and the exams regulator, Ofqual is as follows:

  1. Teachers will assess students against a national standard, which will be defined by the exam boards before the Easter break.  Oxted’s Evidence for Grading can be found below
  2. Departments have submitted grades which have been quality assured by the school and the Trust. This internal quality assurance process will have to be signed off by the exam board to ensure it is rigorous and in line with national standards
  3. Our school results will be quality assured externally by the exam boards, which will include random sampling of our school’s evidence
  4. If the exam boards are confident in our submitted results, then the exam boards will award students their final grades
  5. If students do not think their results are accurate, they will have the right to appeal. However, it is important to understand that appeals can result in grades going up or down or staying the same