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Information Technology

Level GCSE
Exam Board Edexcel

ICT enables students to build upon their KS3 progress using standard software applications (e.g. Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Databases, Spreadsheets) becoming competent in creating a range of digital products.

The range of skills taught is a real asset and as a result secures a full GCSE qualification together with providing the opportunities for student specialisation.

The course develops a strong sense of design and independence with students creating their own digital products (e.g. digital poster, podcast & website).  The course stimulates students’ creativity and develops practical skills for the real world through research, media and video skills to enrich the theory. Students would enjoy this course if they enjoy using and developing their digital literacy, multimedia and design skills.


  • Students must work to a set task called a Controlled Assessment Brief (CAB). This is an interactive digital publication, designed to be viewed onscreen
  • In both units, the opening pages of the CAB set the context, give an overview of the requirements and encourage students to organise their work. On completion of the four activities, students are given a checklist to help ensure that they have all the required evidence in the correct folders. The final stage before submission is to create a single page with links to the evidence

For Unit 2, students develop and produce a range of digital products. The Controlled Assessment task consists of four activities.

The controlled assessment task that launches in September 2016 is based on planning for a Year 11 Prom:

  • Activity 1, students develop a user profile, gather information and work with a database
  • Activity 2, students develop and use a spreadsheet model to make recommendations
  • Activity 3, students design and create a more complex interactive digital product, drawing upon some of the work done in previous activities
  • Activity 4, students evaluate their products and their own performance

The content whilst meeting standard GCSE requirements also provides opportunities for career specialisation (including multimedia, graphics and online interactive applications).

Controlled Assessment

  • One Controlled Assessment that is split into four tasks (60% of GCSE)

Exam Paper

  • Unit 1: Living in a Digital World (Public Examination) (40% of GCSE)

Post-16 Choices

ICT as a subject opens many doors whether it be in industry or further education.

We offer the continuation of ICT and digital literacy skills through the Cambridge Technical qualification in IT. The Cambridge Technical course is a mixture of both examination and coursework based assessment.

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