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Level 3 Mathematical Studies

Specific Course Entry Requirements

5 in GCSE Mathematics

Examination Levels Offered

Level 3 Qualification (Equivalent to AS Level)

Examination Board AQA

Maths is for everyone. It is diverse, engaging and essential in equipping students with the right skills to reach their future destination, whatever that may be.

Mathematical Studies promotes the enjoyment of maths and develops students thinking and analytical skills. This course will utilise the skills learned and practised during GCSE Mathematics and will require students to apply them to real life scenarios with a heavy focus on personal finance and analysing data.

Alongside the data analysis there are also open ended mathematical problems to solve where a students understanding of a problem and the assumptions they make in their calculations will be assessed such as “Estimate how far a person is likely to walk in their lifetime?”

Course Content and Assessment Details

This is a one year course with examinations to be sat at the end of Year 12.




Paper 1


1.5 hours

Paper 2


1.5 hours

Paper 1 contains content on :

  • Analysis of Data
  • Maths for Personal Finance
  • Estimation

Paper 2 contains content on:

  • Critical analysis of data and models

and one other unit from:

  • Statistical Techniques
  • Critical Path Analysis and Risk Analysis
  • Graphical Techniques

Part of the assessment will include the study of pre-released material for which questions will be asked in the exams.  Students will be expected to develop and demonstrate confidence and competence in the understanding and application of Mathematical modelling in the solution of problems related to the use of statistical techniques, decision making or functions.

Staff Contacts
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