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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Surrey based Multi-Academy Trust, comprising 4 secondary and 6 primary phase schools. We are proud of our ethos of collaboration and inclusion, "Bringing out the best" in students of all abilities and backgrounds. Visit website

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Why we study Mathematics
Mathematics is a creative and highly inter-connected discipline that has been developed over centuries, providing the solution to some of history’s most intriguing problems. It is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. A high-quality mathematics education therefore provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

Our Aim
The Mathematics Department strive to develop masterful Mathematicians through challenging all students in a stimulating lesson, whilst personalising tasks outside the classroom to address the gaps in an individual student's knowledge.

Teaching Mathematics in ability groups from the start of Year 7 ensures that all students work at a pace that provides the necessary balance between stretch, challenge, support and encouragement.

Our aim is to develop enthusiastic, independent and reflective learners who enjoy Mathematics and can apply their knowledge to a range of contexts. Students follow schemes of work appropriate to their ability. A sample of the topics covered in each scheme is detailed below. Detailed parent guides for each Scheme of Work are also available upon request.

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  • Simple Fractions
  • Place Value
  • Multiplying and dividing
  • Decimals and  %
  • Negative numbers
  • Co-ordinates
  • Order of operations
  • Multiples, Factors and Primes
  • Identifying and measuring angles
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Averages and Range
  • Probability
  • Measurement


  • Fractions
  • 2D Shape
  • Negatives
  • Probability
  • Functions & Formulae
  • Measurement
  • Multiplying & Dividing
  • Data
  • Patterns & Powers
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Decimals & %
  • Angle Rules & Bearings
  • Ratio
  • Expressions and equations
  • Fractions
  • % increase & decrease
  • Negative numbers
  • Nth term of an arithmetic sequence
  • Probability
  • Area including circles
  • Volume & surface area
  • Data
  • Pie charts
  • Straight line graphs
  • Transformations
  • Scatter graphs; correlation; line of best fit
  • Fractions & mixed numbers
  • Multiplying & dividing decimals
  • Area including circles
  • Pie charts
  • Scatter graphs
  • Solving linear
  • Trial & improvement
  • Rounding, estimating; upper & lower bounds
  • Comparing data
  • Negative numbers
  • Prime factors, HCF & LCM
  • Index laws
  • Ratio
  • Repeated percentage change
  • Changing the subject of a formula
  • Converting recurring decimals to fractions
  • Lengths of arcs & areas of sectors
  • Direct & inverse proportion
  • Trigonometry
  • Inequalities
  • Probability
  • Averages & range from a table
  • Index Laws
  • Standard form
  • Upper & lower bounds
  • Factorising Quadratics

 Support Materials

Recommended Revision Workbook GCSE Edexcel Mathematics for the grade 9-1 course the workbook foundation level (ISBN: 178294401X)
Recommended Websites Hegarty Maths

Past Papers and Solutions

Prior to the End of Year Exams, parents will be emailed the appropriate past papers and solution sets for their child.

Staff Contacts
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