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Media Studies

Level GCSE
Exam Board WJEC

Media Studies is the exploration, analysis and interrogation of the mass media and is a subject which explores concepts including genre, representation, narrative and audience. In doing so, it also refers to ideological and theoretical perspectives, drawing connections with English, Sociology, Politics and Communication and Culture. 

The study of Media also enables students to express themselves creatively and gives them the opportunity to create a media product of their own, in order to fill a niche in the market or produce something in response to an existing product, the values of which they may dispute or the construction of which they may wish to modify. In short, Media is creative, analytical, contemporary and highly relevant. Most importantly, it inspires debate, independent thinking and critical, questioning minds. 

In GCSE Media Studies, students will study a variety of different media texts from a range of industries. This could include film, television, news, radio, magazines, music videos, websites and computer games. 

Students explore the key concepts of three main areas of media:

  • Media Texts: Genre, Narrative and Representation
  • Media Organisations: Marketing and Promotion, Regulation and Control Personal, Social and Ethical Dimensions
  • Media Audiences / Users


Controlled Assessments will be held in lessons when each class has made sufficient preparation in line with WJEC guidelines.  The Controlled Assessments of one class may, as a result, take place at a different time from other classes.  It is our intention, however, for each Controlled Assessment to be completed by the end of the term in which it is set.

External Examination

  • Unit 1 - Thinking about the Media: Investigating and Planning (40%)                                              

Controlled Assessments

  • Unit 2 - Creating for the media: Investigating and Producing (60%)
    • Two textual investigations (10% each)
    • One media production (40%)

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